2023 Partners: British Council, Arts Council England

UK Immersive Takeover

14 March, 13.30pm to 18.00pm

UK Immersive Takeover
UK House, Cedar Street Courtyard
In partnership with Arts Council England, British Council, Immersive Futures Lab, BFI, British Underground

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13.30 — In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats:
Director Darren Emerson in conversation with Mia Bays

Combining classic rave tracks with interactivity and multi-sensory simulation, In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats brings to life a revolution in music & society. Go behind the scenes of the acclaimed VR experience showcasing in the SXSW XR Exhibition with Darren Emerson (Director) and Mia Bays (BFI)

14.00 — Discussion: Exploring International Collaboration in Art and Tech

Joel Mills - Director, Music, British Council
Karen Palmer - Immersive Director and XR Exhibition Presenter
Claire Mera-Nelson - Director, Music, Arts Council England
Irini Papadimitriou - Creative Director, Future Everything

From intimate immersive experiences to large-scale spectacular events, music, art and tech production requires a breadth of cross-disciplinary working to bring together the best talent and skills. International collaboration offers an opportunity to explore and learn with global partners leading to new networks and ground-breaking creative frontiers. This discussion explores best practice in international working including research and mapping. We will also address approaches to collaborating across cultures including sources of funding and support.

15.00 — Performance: Miro Shot — Music Metaverse Showcase

After the runaway success of last year’s SXSW (described by Forbes as the Concert of The Future), Miro Shot return to Austin for a show that offers a snapshot of what the future holds for art and entertainment. Audiences will experience a one-of-a-kind live concert, transported between the real world and the virtual, powered by technology created by the band’s UK tech startup Mirocolabs.

16.30 — UK Immersive Takeover Party: Live music and networking

Meet the hosts and participants of the UK Immersive Takeover including producers, directors, curators, funders and collaborators for networking drinks and live music from fast-rising UK acts Desta French and Folly Group.

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